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Who can start a course:

According to the Polish law, a driving course can be started by a person who has been living in Poland for at least 6 months and who can confirm this fact by means of official documents (e.g. a passport with visa, a permanent residence card, a temporary stay card).

Important information for driving course beginners:

Category B is for people after age of 17 years and 9 months.

If you fulfill the above conditions about living in Poland at least 185 days in the year, you can apply for a Driver Candidate Profile (PKK Number).

Before starting the course the following documents should be submitted to the City President Office – Department of Communication (in Wroclaw is G.Zapolskiej 2/4 street) or to the District County Office (Starostwo)- according to your residence:

  • Your Residence Card or an ID plastic card
  • Your medical report – please noe that you can obtain your medical report from any medical professional qualified in drivers examination.
    (you can contact with us)
  • Fill the application form – The filling form can be collected at the City Hall
  • Take your photo – size 3,5 x 4,5 cm – just ask for a driving license photo at the photographer
  • Your parents consent if you are underage 18

  • Sign up to the course

    Please take your PKK Number and just sign up to the course at our office or online.


  • We provide you materials to learning, you get access to examination questions and the book. Students can study at home and can pass theoretical exam before starting the course or after finishing.


  • This part covers 30 hours (1 lesson hour = 60 minutes), practice lessons are conducted using Toyota Yaris – the kind of car which is also used during the national driving exam.
  • Practice lessons include excercises on our manoeuvering yard and driving in the city. all examination manoeuvres which are mandatory during the national exam, such as parking, U-turn, stopping, driving through various types of intersections, etc. When you finish the last hour of practice driving, is internal exam. It’s simulation exam with your instructor.
  • If you need more practice to built up your confidence you can buy extra lessons.
  • After completing the practical part, and passing practical internal exam the course is considered complete, PKK is updated and send to The Examination Center.


  • The theoretical exam can be taken in English. Exams are offered by every branch of the Examination Centre and cost 30 PLN.
  • The computer system selects 32 questions; each worth 1, 2 or 3 points. The maximum score is 74 points, the minimum is 68 points.
  • The practical exam costs 140 PLN and must be taken in the presence of a sworn translator.
  • More information about the national examinations on the website of Examination Centre-WORD Wroclaw
  • The driving licence is ready to be received from the driving licence department 2-3 weeks after passing the exam.

    Driving course in English – 4000 PLN (can pay in installments)

    The price of the course includes:
  • 30 lesson hours of theory (e-learning)
  • 30 lesson hours of practice
  • book with test questions in English
  • internal exams
  • 3 times gratis we provide our car on the exam

  • The price of the course does not include:

  • medical examination – 200 PLN
  • the cost of the national driving exam – 50 PLN + 200 PLN (theory and practice)
  • the cost of sworn translator service (practical exam)
  • the cost of printing a driving license – 100 PLN

  • Extra Lessons

    If you need more lessons or you’re a new driver or have foreign license and have never driven in Poland and need to build your driving skills and knowledge about Polish traffic rules. We help you become a more confident and safe driver.

  • Single driving lesson for our learners – 140 PLN (per hour)
  • Single driving lesson – 160 PLN (per hour)

  • Who can exchange a driving license:

    If you live in Poland and have a valid driving license issued by another country, you can to exchange it for a Polish license. You need to go the City Office- Department of Communication. Sometimes it may be necessary to take a theoretical exam.The key factor is the country of issue of your foreign license.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

    PRICE : 4000 zł

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